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“Trump threatens the values that make America great.”


Trump is a birther who describes Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals, has been accused of discriminatory housing practices, has questioned the ability of a judge to be impartial due to his race, and hesitated to disavow support by the KKK.

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Trump has bragged about molesting women, often measures the merit of a woman by her physical appearance, has been accused of sexual misconduct by nearly 20 women, and has suggested punishing women who have abortions.

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Trump questions the legitimacy of any news outlet that dares to criticize him, has an affinity for dictatorial regimes, actively seeks to undermine American intelligence agencies, and seeks censorship of web search results for “Trump”.


Trump denies climate change, despite overwhelming scientific consensus of its truth. He also walked away from the Paris Climate Accord, and even nominated Scott Pruitt who aims to dismantle the EPA as the head of it.

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A TrumpTurd is a poop-shaped squishy bearing the likeness of Donald Trump, and embodying what so many in the United States and around the world think of this man. Get Your TrumpTurd Today!

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